"A painterly approach to sculpture ... the viewer is immersed in fields of color."

-Joan D'Arcy

Writer and historian, featured in Wise Women by Joyce Tenneson

"... Innovative, engaging ... The sculptures have elected exclamations of wonder and awe from many viewers."

- Jon Marcus

Journalist, Sun Sentinel, Broward County, Florida

Solo outdoor exhibition, Coral Springs Museum of Art, Coral Springs, Florida

"A joy to behold at first glimpse and repeated viewing, Color Field Sculpture is a harmonious relationship between nature and industrial product."

-Barbara O'Keefe, Executive Director

The Coral Springs Museum of Art,. Coral Springs, Florida

"Ethereal ... illuminating [and] revealing."

-Paul Smart

Woodstock Times, Woodstock, NY

"Rarely does the concept of metal invite words such as 'delicate,' 'airy,' or 'ethereal.' Yet, those are the impressions evoked by the works of Shelley Parriott. The giant sculptures invite viewers to walk into them, to move through the patterns of light and space."

-Kathryn Boughton

The Litchfield County Times, Litchfield, CT

"Parriott's materials convey the nature of passage. In the polarity of lightness and weight, the not -at-all compact appearance of Parriot's materials turns into a transmission belt opening up the mesh of spiritual experience."

-Michaela Nolte

Journalist, Berlin, Germany

Max Planck Institute for Human Development

"Sunlight dances through the sculpture and beckons the viewer to take part."

-Erica Freudenberger

The Saugerties Times, Saugerties, NY

"Shelley Parriott's Color Field Sculpture has become a favorite in front of the courthouse on the east side of Park Square."

-Megan Whilden, Office of Cultural Development, Pittsfield, MA

"Color Field Sculpture brings to mind the words of painter Jules Olitski, who expressed a desire to 'paint the sky' ... to experience the lyrical or atmospheric effects of vast expanses of color, and by suggestion, go beyond them into infinity."

-Beth E. Wilson

Curator, Kingston NY Sculpture Biennial, Kingston, NY